Experts In Landscaping In Arlington TX Shared Some Flowers You Can Plant In Your Garden


Oftentimes, property owners focus much on they can help their lawns thrive. They forget that there is more to a beautiful, healthy yard than just green grass. In order for you to bring out your property's beauty, there must be a special touch. Indeed, nothing beats the vibrant colours of different flowers when it comes to creating real aesthetic appeal.


If you are currently residing in Texas, you must know that there is no use battling with the environment, attempting to grow exotic species of plants. Landscaping in Arlington, TX will only be successful if you work with the local soil and climate. With that said, the best way for you to infuse life into your lawn and garden is to feature native seasonal flowers.


Flowers That Can Bring Magic On Your Yard


Pansies - You might think that winter will give you a break in taking care of your yard. Well, pansies are among the beautiful flowers that grow well during colder months.


Petunias - You certainly can't go wrong with petunias if you want pretty colors all year round. These plants come in different brilliant hues. Most importantly, they can resist cold, heat, and pests. Consider hanging some containers of this plant around your home to achieve delicate splashes of color.


Sweet Alyssum - This is best for warmer locations. It features small white flowers with yellow centers. It can actually make a striking and dramatic statement in flower beds and in containers. 


Tetraneuris - This is great for borders since they produce blue-green foliage and golden yellow flowers that are quite similar with daisy. It can bloom from spring to fall.


Dianthus - If your favorite colors include white, pink and red, then the dianthus is an excellent choice for your garden. This is considered a hardy annual growing from fall though spring.


Wine Cups - Choose this flower for great groundcover. This burgundy-red flowers are very eye-catching. Also, its foliage is stunningly divided, creating a very lovely lawn feature.


Ornamental Kale & Cabbage - These are very flexible plants that can easily be added to borders, beds or containers. They come in purple, pink, and green variegated shades. These plants thrive best during colder season.


Texas Red Yucca - If you love hummingbirds, consider planting these in your garden. Notice how it can attract the tiny little birds. This flower is bright red. Moreover, it is known for its excellent heat and drought tolerance.


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