Granny Flats: Sydney Locals Share What Makes Them Nice Family Homes

The best dwellings for you perhaps are posh apartment units in the city with all sorts of luxurious amenities. A modern and stylish dwelling patterned after the homes of popular single characters on movies. This type of homes is designed to meet the requirements of a successful young individual. But will your studio or one-bedroom apartment be enough when you get married and have children?

Certainly the answer is no. When you start to build a family of your own, your expenses will grow. Stylish homes become less appealing like it used to be. You would choose to live in a simpler but functional home like granny flats.

Why Granny Flats

This secondary dwelling is becoming popular not only in Australia but also in other urbanized places because of the following:

Lifetime Homes

This type of home can be your best choice when you have outgrown your swanky apartment. Granny flats, Sydney locals claim are lifetime homes. While granny flats are originally built for the elderly members of the family, these days more property owners build granny flats in their extra space as a means to generate additional income. So from the conservative designs which appeal mostly to ageing people, builders now come up with designs that make granny flats nice family homes.

More Affordable Type Of Housing

Granny flats are more affordable than other types of housing. It is the best residential option especially if you are just starting out a family as you can prepare your finances for it easier and faster. You can have one built in the right size and design you want without breaking your pocket.

Basic Design

In most cases, granny flats are structured with a basic design. It would be easy for you to integrate all the creative solutions that you can think about in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. In the future, if you would think about expanding your flat to accommodate new requirements, the basic structure would be an advantage.

Easy Maintenance

As you get older, you would want to spend lesser time on cleaning up or maintaining your home. You just want life to be simple. No more caring about the frills. Maintenance is a breeze in smaller homes like granny flats. And when your preferences or financial resources change, a granny flat for a home is definitely not a liability.

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    Sarah Miller (Tuesday, 08 September 2015 01:44)

    Granny flats have a lot to offer. If you're just looking for a tiny house to invest and live in, this should be your best option. They are not expensive but offer all the comforts and convenience regular sized homes provide.

  • #2

    Abbygail Doyle (Wednesday, 28 October 2015 04:21)

    Apart from making your granny flat an excellent family home, you can even turn it into an income-generating property. You can rent it out to travelers. Indeed, this can be among the best residential options today.

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