Common Lawn Care Problems In DeKalb, IL You Will Encounter During The Summer

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Many people consider summer the perfect time to work on their lawn. This is because aside from being able to improve their lawns, they also get to sweat more and workout more calories and get some tan as well.

Working on a lawn during the summer season though is more of a necessity than a desire. During the summer, due to the strong heat, the grass on your lawn can easily become vulnerable to a few problems. If you fail to be vigilant and enforce the suitable remedies, the health of the grass can suffer. 

Lawn Problems That Occur During The Summer And How To Solve Them

Knowing the usual types of lawn problems that can pop up during the summer is a good start to ensure the good condition of your yard. Below are the top potential problems you may find during the summer as well as the solutions for these as offered by the experts in lawn care DeKalb, IL locals trust:

leading lawn care and landscaping specialists in Illinois

Drought stress. One of the biggest issues property owners can face during the summer season is drought stress. The combination of heat and dry weather can have an adverse effect on the grass. During this season, the grass can either go dormant or be subjected to stress.

One sign that shows your lawn is suffering from drought stress is that you can easily pull off the grass from the soil. This means that the grass's root base is weak from insufficient moisture. Another way to find out is to push a knife into the soil. If the knife cannot fully penetrate the soil, it means that moisture is too low.

To solve this problem, you have to be patient in reviving the grass. You have to water deeply but infrequently. Don’t overwater; not only is this wasteful, but it can also leave the grass more vulnerable to diseases.

Pest damage. Various kinds of insects also love the summer season. One sign of pest infestation in your lawn would be bite marks on the leaf blades. If you can also easily pull off the grass from the soil, this is also usually sign that the pests have affected the grass roots.

reputable lawn care and landscaping specialists in Illinois

The best solution for this problem is prevention. However, pests can still manage to avoid your watchful eye despite your best efforts. You can either buy pest control solutions or call in the experts to get a more permanent fix to this issue.

Various kinds of grass diseases. Lastly, rains during summer can create the right condition for the growth of fungi. The usual signs of fungal diseases in grasses include brown or rotting stems, discoloration and gelatinous pink growths.

For this type of lawn problem, sometimes, the best solution is to simply wait and let the rains stop. Before the start of summer, consider using fungicides to prevent such outbreaks. Also, stop overwatering your turf.

Source: offers other helpful tips on how to maintain and take care of your lawn this summer.

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