Lawn Care Aurora, CO Experts Share Cost-Effective Tips

Most homeowners maintain the nice aesthetics of their property by having a beautiful lawn or garden. In the US, creating a functional and beneficial green space is common to regular households. Some spend thousands of dollars in lawn care because having a well-maintained yard not only adds value to the property but also give homeowners a lot of benefits.

Lawn care, Aurora CO lawn care specialists point out does not need to be that expensive. You can keep grass and plants healthy by implementing some smart DIY techniques. All your maintenance efforts will pay off and you can minimize turning to professional services.

Soil health, weeds, change of weather, pests and diseases are the common issues property owners deal with when it comes to lawn care. To address these issues, typically you will need to hire professional services. Lawn care professionals however claim that you can actually deal with these issues yourself. Here are highly effective tips or solutions you can apply:

Soil Health

You can use common household items to improve the health of the soil in your yard. Epsom salts, ammonia, beer, liquid soap, and mouthwash can inhibit thatch buildup and fungal growth. What you need to do is to combine equal parts of these ingredients, put it in your favorite sprayer, and start spraying it on your newly watered lawn just like a tonic. This holds the nutrients of your soil. What’s best is that you save money.


Go natural and skip expensive chemical weed-killers when dealing with weeds. Overcome stubborn weeds with corn gluten meal. This cheap, non-toxic food is proven to be 98 percent effective. Feed your flower beds, garden and lawn with it.


Proper mowing techniques can make your grass less impervious to the ever-changing weather. Keep your grasses at a height of two to three inches and your green lush can deal with the effects of harsh weather. Know the proper mowing height of the type of grass you have planted. Cutting grass high will require less watering in summer. This means more savings for you.

Pests and Diseases

Regular mowing and cleaning the lawn can prevent pests and diseases to thrive. Infected blades of grasses which are good host of pests can be removed through mowing. Cleaning will get rid of pest attractants.  If pest are present however, you can buy diatomaceous earth. These are known to kill all sorts of pests, piercing their soft bodies and causing dehydration. You can used a $30 bag for a really long time.

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    Sarah Miller (Wednesday, 06 May 2015 02:40)

    Improving the beauty of your lawn doesn't have to be expensive. By choosing the right products and getting help from experts, you can still have a great-looking lawn. The tips shared here are really spot-on.

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    kenneth lawrence (Thursday, 07 May 2015 20:10)

    This is just great! Lawn care and maintenance can be really hard and challenging.