How To Repair Heritage Steel Windows


During the recent years, there have been a lot of materials used in creating windows such as wood and steel. Recently, aluminium windows were also made available in the market. However, some homeowners inherited their houses from their parents. That is why most of these houses have steel windows.

These steel windows are commonly chosen by homeowners in the past due to its stability and sturdiness. But, when exposed to extreme weather condition (in most cases, sunlight and rain), these steel windows can also be damaged. With this said, current homeowners only have two options; replace or repair windows. If you have chosen to repair these heritage steel windows, you need to consider these tips to repair these items properly.


First and foremost, you need to check the steel windows. Check the frame for cracks, cuts and chips. You also need to check other items like hinges and braces. After which, check the overall condition of the window to determine if you need to replace or repair the windows since there are cases when replacing windows is cheaper than repairing them. In this way, you can cut down expenses and reduce tasks.



In case that steel windows are still repairable, the next thing you need to do is to clean the frames properly and thoroughly. Start of by getting rid of the existing paint. This can help you ensure that there are no hidden damages in the frame. After removing the paint, you need to get rid of the rust. This is needed to help you determine the real condition of the frame.


After cleaning the frames, it is now time to repair it. One of the best options to ensure the durability of frames is to weld broken frames or braces. Next, lubricate all the hinges to ensure that you can easily close or open the windows. Finally, get rid of corroded parts of the frames and replace them with new ones. This will help you reduce tasks and ensure that the frames are durable.



Lastly, you need to repaint the frames to avoid corrosion and other issues that may ruin the frames. Homeowners need to make use of rust-proof coating to ensure that steel windows are protected from rust. You also need to choose the right color that will complement your existing home designs and styles. Finish it off with a clear coating to make steel frames more appealing.

In case that you do not have sufficient time or experience in repairing heritage steel windows, you can hire steel fabricators to do the job. These fabricators have the skills and experience to ensure that your steel windows are repaired properly. Know more in this site.

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