What Does The Total Cost Of Synthetic Grass Installation Cover?

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By Mark Whitley, a home owner and gardening enthusiast, with resource information from www.perthartificialgrass.com.

Having an artificial turf in your lawn can definitely provide you several benefits. When you have synthetic grass on your yard, you don’t have to worry about watering, mowing, weeding, mulching and fertilizing your lawn. And your lawn will always retain that lovely and healthy-look all year round.

Since synthetic grass offers several benefits for you and your family, you can expect that its installation can be quite costly.  The total synthetic grass installation cost actually depends on a number of factors or components. These include:

• The variety or materials of synthetic grass you chose
• The size of your lawn or area where the artificial grass will be installed
• Operation fees of the supplier
• Labour costs

Details Of Synthetic Grass Installation And Its Cost

Below is a more detailed look at the factors or components that the total cost of synthetic grass installation covers.

• The variety of synthetic grass you want to have installed on your property. This component depends largely on the actual cost of the type of material used for the artificial turf you chose. This component includes the artificial grass itself, the use of weed killers and installation of the weed barrier fabric, road base, mow strip, infill and other materials that will be used to attach the artificial turf.

• The size of the area where the synthetic grass will be installed. Artificial grass is installed per square meter on a property or area. As such, if you have a large lawn or want to have wide parcel of land covered with artificial turf, the whole endeavour will be pricier.

• Operation costs. This covers the delivery, fuel and dump fees of the supplier. The operation costs can also be influenced by the size of your property is. In addition, the fuel consumption cost that will be billed to you can go higher if your home is far from the headquarters of the company installing the artificial turf.

• Labour costs.  There are some companies that offer lower prices to their prospective customers. But with this kind of service, bear in mind that you will get what you pay for. You may be up paying less with one company, but if you look closely at the quality of their work, you may find yourself paying more to rectify their mistakes or even damages on your lawn. Trusted and reputable artificial turf installers may ask for a higher fee, but the quality of their work is always well worth every penny of your investment.

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