Protecting Your Lawn From Pests: Lawn Care Lakewood, CO Experts Give Their Advise


Many property owners are faced with the same problem when it comes to their lawns. Their dilemma is the huge damage brought about by pest infestations; slugs and other insects attack and feast on their well-manicured lawns, creating bald spots that make the turf unsightly.


Pest infestation is a problem that compromises the appearance of lawns and turning them into an unsafe ground for outdoor activities. Children will no longer want to play around the lawn because they are afraid of getting bitten by insects. It is likely that parents will not allow the kids to roll over the grass, mindful of the germs these little creepers may have scattered around. It is even possible that the pests that have invaded the grass outside will soon enter the house and wreak havoc there as well.


Amidst this growing concern, the professionals in lawn care Lakewood, CO assure property owners that there are effective solutions for this problem. They say that by treating the problem early, the situation can be prevented from getting worst. They cited the following solutions:


  • Use of commercial pesticides – there are available pesticides in the market that property owners can choose from. They can opt for chemical-based formulas or organic formulas. Organic ones are for those who are cautious of the harmful effects of synthetic chemical substances.
  • Using DIY formulations – these formulas contain components that can fend off certain pest.
  • Opting for polycultures of grass for the lawn – this solution is what lawn care specialists advise because it is proven to be effective in warding off pest and even prevents the growth of weeds. 


With the third option, you will be planting a variety of grass for the lawn, which will automatically make the lawn less vulnerable to massive damage from pests because of the presence of other insects. For one, rodents will be less drawn to the yard. Secondly, while certain pests can get to a species of grass, the damage will not be that big since the other types of grass will not be touched.


Another great advantage of the third solution is that it allows you to see which species of grass was resistant to the attack of certain pests so that you can now determine which type of grass to maintain and grow. This will save you money since you don’t have to spend for the installation of a new turf. Therefore, if you want to keep your lawn looking healthy while managing pests, try planting polycultures of grass.



Source: BestYard is a local company that provides mowing, gardening, sprinkler, and holiday lighting services in Colorado. Weed Man, its lawn care division, provides the fertilization and weed, insect, and disease control services. The company has been serving the needs of homeowners for more than sixteen years and maintains a list of loyal clients who are satisfied with their service.

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    Thalia Marquez (Sunday, 30 November 2014 20:36)

    Great advice. Thank you for this. It's quite hard to choose the right products out there since there are a lot of pesticides in the market. But I always go for organic.